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23 The Forum
277 London Road
Burgess Hill
West Sussex
RH15 9QU

Telephone: 01444 240393
Fax: 01444 220475

Our Approach

The philosophy of SDK Law is simple. We like to do things properly and do them affordably. Our aim is to offer a professional, fast and thorough service.

We aim for complete transparency on the cost of our services and can consider:

  • Advice on options to fund your case

  • Fixed fee litigation - a fixed price for a case however much time it takes

  • Flexible charging regimes

  • A guarantee that we will advance your case as quickly and efficiently as possible

Because we operate efficiently we can offer lower hourly rates than are standard for the experience that we bring to a case.  At the beginning of each matter we provide an estimate of the costs to be incurred or a quotation together with a summary of your instructions, our initial advice and the other terms under which we will act.

Working Approach

We operate efficiently because we do not take on more work than we know we can handle and we only take on work of which we have direct experience so that our clients know that they are receiving expert advice and are not being charged for our time in research on matters of law which a specialist should know

We are careful to identify the cost effectiveness of each case. In those cases where costs are likely to be disproportionate to the level of our charges, we will advise our clients and allow them to make an informed decision whether they wish to proceed. The sooner that we can do this, the better informed the decision will be and so we try to carry out the analysis at the first meeting. There will always be some cases where an unexpected development changes the financial viability of the case and we will do our best to advise on the available options as early as possible.

If a visit to our office is inconvenient, we will try to come to you.

Our Aim

Client satisfaction is our ultimate aim. Most people come to us because they have a problem. You pay us to solve it. We do not want to add to it. We are keen to listen to your comments. We will invite you to comment on your experience with SDK Law and we will try to act on your feedback.